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Live Streaming Service

Live broadcast is now the hottest emerging media, and many social media have begun to provide online live broadcast functions. For enterprises, live broadcast can bring the brands to the customers, increase the transparency of the brand, real-time digital interaction can also build consumer trust. 
tag.digital created Black Stage and popTVC in order to provide high-quality live broadcast experiences for our clients.

Black Stage provides equipment and space rental services, our interior design award-winning studio is a broadcasting centre equipped with professional soundproofing decoration, lighting system, live broadcast equipment, top of the line software systems, stable and redundant Internet connections, and professional technical support.

popTVC is a live streaming service with a lot of advance features even the top social media platform doesn’t offer, e.g. virtual concert ticket control, customized video player, waiting room, multi-channel streaming, just to name a few.

If you are interested in our service, please contact us at [email protected]